Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to keep your Facebook account secure

Facebook has a number of security settings you can use to help keep your FB account secure. Especially if you access Facebook on shared or public computers, when travelling or using unsecured wireless networks. There is also the feature that allows you to access Facebook with a secure connection. You can activate https to ensure that your FB usage is encrypted and cannot be intercepted by unauthorized third parties. This really helps users who access Facebook from coffee shops etc.

There is also the feature of login notifications. This means that if you primarily use FB on the same computer and mobile phone you can get a notification when your account is accessed from a new device. So if someone accesses your account from an unauthorized device you can quickly reset your password and take other necessary steps to secure your account. There is also the feature of sessions, what this does is shows you your recent activity and when you account is being used. So if you have last logged in from a friends computer and forgot to logout, you can see your recent activity and quickly logout.

There is also a new feature called onetime password that you can choose to activate if you are going to be accessing you account from a public computer.

To set your advanced security features on Facebook

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account
3. Click on Account Settings
4. Click on Account Security

You can now choose the features you would like enabled.

Please go through the video below to know more.

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