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What to do if your Twitter account gets hacked and you can't login

There is always the case where your Twitter account can get compromised and you can't login. There are a couple of things you can do to get back control of your account and regain access. This is always a troubling scenario for a users who looses control of their account. Twitter is out there and so are people who constantly try to hack and compromise Twitter accounts. There are a fee things gained once their get access to your account they can them send spam tweets to all your friends and be a big nuisance. So if you try to login one day and are not able to access your account here are a few things you can do to gain access.

1. Request a password reset

Reset your password by requesting an email from this password reset form. Try entering both your username and email address, and be sure to check for the email in any email accounts that you might have used on your Twitter account.

If you’re able to log in after the password reset, please re-secure your account by following the steps here.

2. Contact support if you still require assistance

If you still can't log in, contact Twitter by submitting a Support request. Choose "Hacked or phished account" as the subject of your request. Use the email address you associated with the hacked Twitter account; Twitter will then send additional information and instructions to that email address. Include both your username and the date you last had access to your account.

If you’ve lost access to the actual email account associated with your Twitter account, please see this help page

If you account has been compromised but you are still able to login then you would need to immediately change you password and revoke all third party Apps and connections. By doing this you ensure that third party Apps and connections no longer have access to your account and you can then safely secure your account.

You will know when your account has been hacked if you. 

  • Noticed unexpected Tweets by your account.

  • Seen unintended DM's (direct messages) sent from your account.

  • Observed other account behaviors you didn't make or approve (like following, unfollowing, or blocking).

  • Received a notification from us stating that, "You recently changed the email address associated with your Twitter account" (even though you haven't changed your email address).

If so, please take the following steps:

1. Change your password

Please change your password immediately from the Passwords Tab in your Account Settings. Please select a strong password you haven't used before. If you can't log in to your account, please see this troubleshooting page.

2. Revoke connections

While logged in, visit the Connections tab in Account SettingsRevoke access for any third-party application that you don't recognize.

[ Source: Twitter Help]

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