Thursday, June 30, 2011

Google+ first flaw discovered regarding privacy

Google+ the social network from Google which has Google users scrambling for invites has run into it's first privacy issue. Basically the social network works on the concept of circles, so you can create circles which include friends, relatives and co-workers to name a few. You can post an update to whichever circle you desire and therefore you can keep your updates private and share only among you pre-approved circle. Everything works fine and your circle is happy, no flaws. Wrong there has been a flaw discovered and it is huge, it is a problem. Once you update your status people in your circle can re-port you update to whoever you want. This is big and it surely is a problem. This throws all the privacy you want to maintain out of the window. 

This loophole was first spotted by the Financial TimesFor now, Google+ users can disable reposting by clicking on a button that appears as soon as you publish a post, but there is no way to universally shut off the feature. 

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