Thursday, June 30, 2011

What is Linkedin Skills and how does it work

Linkedin has a new feature that they have been testing in Beta. It is called 'Skills' and what it does is that you enter a skill you want to know more about and you are taken to a page where you can track that skill further  the purpose says Linkedin is this 'Discover the skills you need to succeed. Learn what you need to know from the thousands of hot, up-and-coming skills we’re tracking.' This is a feature that is still very raw and in the over. You will really need to wait a while to actually benefit from it. The concept is very simple it is like a Wikipedia article on a particular skill but with steroids. There are people with that particular skill who can contribute and speak more about that particular skill. In Fact there are a few skills listed and when you click on that particular skill you are taken to a separate page which first has that skill as listed on Wikipedia. So if you click on 'Interface Builders' under iPhone you see the Wikipedia article related to the skill with the ability to add that skill to your profile. So people who visit your profile c an see that skill and associate you with it. You can add 50 total of such skills to your profile.

Below the Wikipedia article there is a list of interface builder profiles and below that interface builder groups and on the left related skills. On the right you see a list of fastest growing skills and below that Interface Builder Jobs. This is the whole package. You can really use this page to research skill and find what is lacking in your profile or your professional life. You can use this to also see where the market is headed and what upgradations you might require to enhance your career. For group skills listed you also find featured professionals. This becomes another learning avenue.

How to find the skills page on Linkedin
1. Login
2. Click on More
3. Click on Skills Beta

Check it out now to stay updated on the skills relevant to your job and industry. 

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