Saturday, July 30, 2011

Batting is in move over Planking and Owling

There are now a whole love of spin-offs on the popular sport of planking. Owling followed planking and now it's batting. So what is batting and how do you do the bat. You would need to hang upside down and fold your arms up in a V shape. The best place to find users who have submitted their batting photos is on and you can also check out the websites Facebook page. We have already covered the dangers of Planking and the dangers of Owling. The problem with these internet fads is that what starts out as a little bit of fun could soon become a danger to life itself. By now you are familiar with people loosing their life and jobs because of planking.

Is batting dangerous?
Well for starters this seems to be the most dangerous of all. The danger is because people may choose to do it in dangerous places. Hanging upside down from a height has got to be dangerous. If it is done as seem in the photos below in a safe place close to the ground it could be safe. but not entirely so cause if someone slips and falls it could cause grave danger. Have fun but don't let it because a dangerous fad and dangerous internet meme. Uses trying to be the best at Batting might hang from a dangerous place just to share the photo on Facebook and other social networks,by sharing and becoming the most famous. Refrain from doing it if it is going to put yourself or anyone else in harm's way.

It looks like that this craze originally started in Baghdad Iraq by American Soldiers. have confirmed to us that they believe in safety first and will not upload photos that are deemed excessively dangerous.

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