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Facebook how to check-in

Facebook is going places these days with their check in feature. Facebook check-in is similar to location based social networking Apps like Foursquare and Gowalla. With Facebook 'Check-In' you can visit places and using your fb App on your smartphone and check-in to these places and share with your friends. With this service your friends can know where you are and if they are nearby can also join you at the place. With Facebook Check-in you can also find deals from local businesses and avail special discounts. Facebook check-in is a part of Facebook places and to be a part of Facebook check in you would need the App on your Smartphone or your touch phone. The purpose of Facebook check-in is to bring the best of deals available near you to you so you can avail the same. To use the App you will need to use either the iPhone AppAndroid App or the Windows Phone 7 App. You can also login to Facebook using the Touch Phone to find deals near you by pointing your browser to You cannot use Facebook check in on your computer.

How to check-in on Facebook and claim deals in three easy steps.
1. Open Facebook on your mobile phone and then select news feed or places and tap check in
2. Look for the yellow or green deals ticket next to your nearby places.
3. Tap a place's name to see what gift, discount or charitable donation the business is offering. Then check in and show your phone to claim the deal.

You can check in and when you visit the actual place your electronic receipt is on your phone. So all you need to do is to simply show you phone and use the deal or discount the business is offering. 

There are 4 different types of check in deals on Facebook
1. Individual: Sace on those one-time offers, like a  20% off your purchase at a clothing store or get a free drink at your favorite coffee shop.
2. Loyalty: Check in to your favorite restaurant or coffee-shop more than five times you will be eligible for a free appetizer of coffee. 
3. Friend: Check-in with your friend or friends and get free t-shirts for the whole group.
4. Charity: Claim donations to worthy causes like saving whales or the rain-forest by simply checking in and claiming the deal. 

How to redeem your check in deals.

For individual deals, check in to view the deal redemption screen.
For friend deals, check in and tag friends in your check in to view the deal redemption screen.
For loyalty deals, check in the number of times required and you’ll see the deal redemption screen.
For charity deals, check in to see the charity redemption message.
When you see the redemption screen, show this screen to the cashier, customer service representative, or other sales associate.

Note: Each deal will include specific instructions for redeeming your deal. Please read these instructions carefully.

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