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CityVille Guide to New and Improved Neighbor Visits (Request Help Tool)

This guide is a part of the official guides released by CityVille to help players of the game. Find out how to use the new and improved neighbor visits and other related Q&As relating to this feature.

Use the new Request Help Tool to let your neighbors know where you need help.

Feature Overview

  • This feature is available to levels 10+.

  • Use the Request Help Tool to mark with hearts where you need help.

  • The amount of hearts you have (your heart inventory) is tied to your Reputation Level.

  • Increase your Reputation Level by visiting your neighbors.

  • You can request help on any item that a neighbor can usually tend.

  • If a neighbor helps with the items you requested, you'll be able to post a reward to their wall.

Frequently Asked Questions:

[Q]: How does my heart inventory work?
[A]: You have an inventory of hearts which you can use at any time. Using the Help Request tool takes hearts out of your inventory. Hearts are returned to your inventory when a neighbor tends your marked items, when you harvest or tend your own marked items, or when you use the Help Request Tool to remove the heart from an item.

[Q]: If a friend collects rent from my residences, will I still have a chance to receive population drops?
[A]: Yes.

[Q]: Can I change my mind about where I want help?
[A]: Yes, you can go back to the Request Help tool and click again on an item to remove the heart.

[Q]: Can I see my heart inventory?
[A]: Yes, your heart inventory will display in an icon at the top right of your screen when you are in the Help Request tool.

In Your City:

Requesting Help

Click on the Arrow in your control panel to bring up the Tool Menu. You'll see the new Request Help Tool.

Use the Request Help Tool to mark items you want tended. You can request help with any item that a neighbor can tend, for example:

  • crops (water, harvest, revive)

  • ships (guide, unload, unspoil)

  • residence (collect rent)

  • businesses (add to Mastery progress)

  • chop down trees

  • help build items under construction

Click the item you want your neighbors to tend with the Request Help tool. You'll see a heart marked on the item after you click.

The number of items you can request help with is tied to your reputation level. The higher your reputation, the more items.

Hearts will fade out after you exit the Request Help tool, but will reappear if you reselect the Request Help tool.

Change or Remove Help Request

You can change where you have hearts marked before a neighbor tends the item.

To remove a heart, select the Request Help Tool again and click on the item marked. The heart will go back into your heart inventory and you will be able to reuse it on another item.

Accepting Help

When a neighbor clicks on your requested items, the hearts will return to your heart inventory.

If you harvest or tend an item yourself, the heart will go back to your heart inventory.

Thanking Neighbors Who Help

When you accept a friend's help you'll have the opportunity to post a Thank You to their wall with a reward for them.

You will also have an opportunity to return the visit.

Visiting a Neighbor's City:

Up to 2 neighbors that need help will display in your neighbor bar upon loading. The rest of your neighbors will be in their usual order.

Helping a friend with an item they've marked with a heart results in a boost to the payout.

Helping neighbors increases your Reputation which in turn increases the number of help requests you have.

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