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FarmVille Super Crop Guide

Released as part of the official FarmVille guides comes the Super Crop Guide.

Super Crops have arrived! These new crops grow into super-sized crops that let you earn more coins, XP and Bushels! When you master the Super Crops, you’ll also receive a gold plated mastery sign for your achievement.

Upon entering FarmVille, you will receive the following pop-up. Click on the “Unlock now” button and you will be brought to the “Seeds” section of the Market.

There are nine new Super Crops that can be identified by their gold colored Market Card and the “Super” title at the beginning of their name.

The nine new Super Crops are:

  • Super Cotton

  • Super Pumpkin (Note: These are not the Super Pumpkins from the fan event last year.)

  • Super Yellow Mellon

  • Super Grape

  • Super Watermelon

  • Super Pepper

  • Super Strawberry

  • Super Pink Aster

  • Super Cranberry

To unlock a super crop, you must first fully master the basic version of the crop. For example, if I wished to plant Super Cotton, I would first have to attain level three mastery of the Cotton Crop. If you have not fully mastered the basic version of a Super Crop, you will be unable to plant it, and you will see the following screen when clicking on the “Unlock” button:

Once you have fully mastered the basic version of a Super Crop, you will notice that the crop is still locked in the Market. That’s because you still have one final step to complete before you can start planting!
When you click the “Unlock” button on a Super Crop you have mastered, you will see the following screen:

In order to start planting your Super Crop, you must first get the help of 6 Neighbors. To do this, click on the “Ask Friends” button. The screen above will allow you to see which Neighbors helped you and how much progress you have left. If you wish to skip this step, you can pay Farm Cash to certify the crop immediately.

The Mastery Sign for the basic version of a Super Crop will also allow you to request help from friends by clicking on it and selecting the “unlock” option from the menu. If you have Mastery Signs for basic crops on your farm that have corresponding Super Crops, they will be outlined in blue.

Once you have unlocked your Super Crop, it’s time to start planting! Super Crops have three additional levels of Mastery to complete. Upon fully mastering your Super Crop, you will be awarded with a special gold plated Mastery Sign.

Each time you achieve a mastery level, you will also be able to share packages of Super Crop seeds with your Neighbors for a limited time (7 Days). These seeds will allow your Neighbors to temporarily plant the Super Crop you have mastered, even if they would not otherwise have access to the crop. These seed packets can be found on the Free Gifts page and can be sent to any of your Neighbors.

If you receive a seed package from a friend, keep in mind that the crops still have their original level lock (for example, if strawberries normally unlock at level 20, you would not be able to use the Super Strawberry Seeds unless you were level 20 or above).

Each package you receive contains 20 seeds (this means you can plant a total of 20 super crops for each package of seeds you receive from a friend.)
In addition to the seed packages, you will also receive a one-time coin and XP bonus for each level of mastery you attain for a Super Crop. The rewards are as follows:

  • Super Mastery Level 1 - 1000 Coins and 50 XP

  • Super Mastery Level 2 - 3000 Coins and 150 XP

  • Super Mastery Level 3 – 10,000 Coins and 500 XP

As mentioned earlier in this guide, Super Crops will earn you additional coins, XP and Bushels when planted. Please find the information for each of these crops in the table below:

Each time you find a bushel from a Super Crop, you will be granted 4 instead of the usual 1. Please note that Super Crops only grant bushels for the basic version of the crop. This means that if I harvest Super Strawberries and find a bushel, it will be a normal Strawberry bushel, not a Super Strawberry Bushel. Because of this, you cannot use bushels on Super Crops to gain a Mastery Bonus. 

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