Friday, July 29, 2011

Cowboys & Aliens Twitter Trend [Posters and Video Trailor]

Cowboys and Aliens has been trending on the worldwide Twitter topics for some time now. The movie starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford that hit theaters across the US on the 29th is now on the Twitter world wide topics. Users are tweeting their responses to the movie and whether their liked it or now. The movie has garnered a lot of attention through social media and has been on the worldwide Twitter trending topics from the time of it's release. The file has been directed by Jon Favreau and you can follow him on Twitter here. The movie is a mashup between two genres of movies that of Aliens and Cowboys.

Twitter users seem to be quiet positive about the movie and the general feedback seems to be good with people liking the movie. The crowds will be split into critical mass with some rooting for Cowboys and the others for Aliens.

You can find them on Facebook where the movie already has over 207,848 followers.
The official website can be viewed here.
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