Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Google+ Sparks what it is and how does it work

Google+ sparks is an interesting concept found on the Google+ homepage. Sparks as a concept has been introduced for users to use this new and innovative way to fins stuff on the web. When you first click on Sparks, you are show a set of featured interest to choose from and start discovering. If the featured interests is not what you are looking for there is a search bar to type in what you want and discover what the web has to offer in relation to your interest.

once you find something interesting you can then then share it with your circles and start a SPARK. Once you share with your circles it will ignite a spark and start a conversation and who knows where things will go from there. So you need to first start searching and over time your sparks will get brighter and more information will keep coming your way. In terms of news articles, videos and blogs. This is the whole idea of Sparks to help you discover, share, learn and go from there.

After you search in Sparks you can also "Add Interest' once you add an interest it is stored just below your sparks link and you can keep going back to find out what is new. These interests you add are private and not shared. You can also remove this interest at any time by clicking on the (x) mark beside each interest you add.

When you search for sparks you are show results that have a preview to read then entire article you will need to click on the title of the Spark.

If you are not happy with your Spark results and would like to see some improvement you can send your feedback to Google. Which is important both for Google and the users as both might have valuable feedback for each other. So go ahead search and start a spark. 

To send your feedback on Sparks, you would need to

Click the gear icon.
Click Report an issue.
Highlight the results that you'd like to report.
Black out any personal information.
In the text box, let us know what you searched for and any other results you've seen in the past on the same search query.
Click Preview to double-check your report.
Click Send feedback to Google.

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