Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What is InMail on LinkedIn

Wondering how to get across to someone who is not a part of your network, maybe contacting a potential employer or getting in touch with a potential new employee to be hired for your company. InMail is for you. The purpose of InMail is to allow you to send an email to any LinkedIn member. This comes in handy especially if there is someone you need to contact urgently and that member is not a part of your network. Sometimes people who you would like to contact are so far away removed from your immediate and extended network that the only way to contact them is to send them an email directly. Recruiters use this as a very powerful tool to get in touch with people they are looking to hire.

To start sending emails you will need to have a LinkedIn premium account, so Inmail is not free and comes at a price. This is also one of the ways LinkedIn makes money.

What is inmail on LinkedIn
A little bit more on InMail and how it works
Delivery is guaranteed
No introduction or contact info required
It's credible and your message goes with your profile attached
Each InMail you send comes with a guarantee that if you do not get a response in 7 days to get to send another mail absolutely free. You will also be issued an InMail credit
InMail can be sent directly from a members profile page or directly from search results
Has a much higher response than cold calls and email.

So if you want to make a big impression LinkedIn recommends InMail as this ads credibility since a mail sent through LinkedIn's internal mail service is guaranteed to get a response. To know the prices and rates you can always check once you login to Linkedin the next time.

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