Saturday, July 23, 2011

#GoPlankinTraffic trending on Twitter

#GoPlankinTraffic is now the second most popular trending topic on Twitter worldwide. Planking was a crazy started in Australia and has to do with people lying face down with their arms drawn to their sides and legs stretched straight out. This crazy has now spread around the world and has also spawned offshoots like Owling. Seems that a lot of people have had enough of this crazy. There has already been a death and a lot of  people have already lost their jobs due to dangerous planking. We have already covered the dangers of planking on Sociolatte. 

So what users are trying to say with this trend is that if you want to go planking please do so in traffic. If you go lie face down in the middle of traffic you know what will happen, we don't really need to say it. People are also telling tweeting that about stupid things others do and should go plank in traffic instead. Smart way of telling others to get away and find something better to do, if not just go and get rid of yourself. Users always find brilliant ways of getting their message across on Twitter and here is one fine example. 

Dangerous Planking

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