Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to remove a Block on Facebook and what happens after that

Wondering what happens when you remove a block or unblock on Facebook. To start with it is safe to state that once you block a person all ties with that person are severed. So when you decide to unblock you will have to send that contact a friend request again and redo the whole process. Of course by this time the contact would already know that he or she has been blocked and well if there is an understanding then maybe your friend request will be accepted if not....

So when you unblock someone they will be able to find your profile on Facebook and also view it. The same goes for you, you will be able to see their profile and other info on Facebook once again. Since blocking on Facebook is a final action all friendships ties would have been cut off. Now since you decided to remove the block profiles will be visible to each other but the spark of friendship needs to be ignited once again.

How to remove a block on Facebook.
1. Login
2. Click on Account
3. Click on privacy Settings
4. Click on Edit your Lists of blocked people and Apps. Found on the bottom of the page
5. Find the person you want to unblock and click on unblock
6. You're done.

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