Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Photorank.me: What it is and how does it work

If you like to share photos online through popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter Photorank.me will use an algorithm and tell you how popular your photos are on a scale from 1-100. You can login using your twitter or Facebook or Twitter to get started and once in you can analyze all your photos. Once in you can also login using your Flickr, Instagram or picplz account. The ranking on the site gives precedence to the last 21 days. 

Photorank.me analyzes all your photos and takes into account all the likes and comments your photos have generated. You can also browse the site for people who you know or generally search for people with a high score. A high score means that the person obviously takes some good shots or at least shares photos that generate a lot of interest. 

So are you a social photographer and are you well-liked as well. Do you photos generate a lot of interest if so you can see how you stack-up against your buddies and other photographers. Also if you are into photography this is an excellent site to find users with high scores and browse through their photographs. There are some excellent photos to check and worth your time. When you see a users photos and would like to connect with the person. There are links to the users account from which the photos have been taken. So if it from Flickr you will see a link to their Flickr account. This way you can to connect with other users who have the same interests as you. 

There are three parameters on the site that is used to judge photo popularity

1. Reach: Measures how many different people interact with your photos

2. Activity: Measure how often you share photos on the internet

3. Quality: Measure how many votes and comments each of your photos receive.

The leadership top 50 can be found on the world leaderboard. 

If you are not happy with the service you can always unlink the account you joined the service with.

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