Friday, July 15, 2011

What is Spotify and how does it work

Spotify is a Swedish based company well known in Europe after it launched in 2008. With users from Sweden, France, UK, Netherlands and Finland numbering over 10 million and over 1 million paid customers. The service is cloud-based and offers users free access to listen to over 15 million songs and counting. You can listen to songs online for free and choose from 15 million you can also then share songs and playlists with your friends. This comes to you for free but you will need to listen to radio styled Ads for the service. For the first six months you can listen to unlimited music but after that you are restricted to 10 hours per month.  if you do not want Ads then you can become a paying customer. To remove restrictions you can opt for a payment plan offered by Spotify. To know more about payment plans in your country visit Paying members can listen to songs and then download then to listen later offline. 

Spotify has now come to the United States. 

With Spotify you can play any song on your mobile phone or compuer. Just logon to and search for a song and play it instantly. Spotify likes to say all your music and all your friends in one place. All this only a click away. Check out Spotify on Facebook now

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