Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Facebook Mobile Messenger App available now

The new Facebook App dedicated to messaging is available from today for both the iPhone and Android. This standalone App is not a part of the Facebook App but comes separate and is dedicated solely to messaging. The new Facebook Messenger for Mobile delivers your messages instantly and there is no need for a refresh. All communication on the App happens in real-time. The App allows from group conversations a feature that many companies have been trying to cash in on. With group messaging everyone who is  part of that group can carry on conversations in real time. Texting is taking on a new meaning all together with group texting. The technology that is used in the App is from Beluga the group messaging app company that Facebook acquired for the same purpose

If you do not have a smartphone you can still reply to messages by confirming your mobile number. 

How does Facebook Messenger work

Messages are delivered through texts and notifications

You can message all your friends whether they are on Facebook or a part of your phone contacts by typing the persons name

The Messenger App is an extension of Facebook messages and so all your texts, chats, emails and messages are stored in one place. So you can still see the full history of all your conversations whether you're on the wed or mobile device.

It is quick, fun and easy to start a group conversation and message everyone at once. 

You can also choose to add your location or turn off the feature. 

The App has a message alert system and you can choose to have them delivered at a specific time or choose to turn it off completely. 

You can also send photos using the App

To download for iPhone or Android you will need to search for the App as 'Facebook Messenger' and hit download in your phone's App store. 

If you want a link texted to your phone you can click here. 

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  1. So how do I send a message from my ipod to someone's phone and have the reply come back to my ipod and not my phone