Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to search Google with an image

Google image search allows you to search by uploading a photograph, picture, pic or image. This is a very handy little innovation that comes from Google. If all you have right now is a picture to go on with, Google image search comes to your rescue. 

How to search Google using an image.

2. Click on image search

3. In the search bar you will find a camera icon

4. Click on it

5. An image upload prompt will appear

6. Add your image and upload.

7. Google will then find similar images and display the same

There are four ways to search by image using Google

1. Drag and drop an image from the web or your computer into the search box on images.google.com

2. Upload an image - use the camera icon to upload an image and search

3. Copy and pasts the URL for an image - found an image on the web that you are curious about. Right-click on the image and then copy and paste the URL in images.google.com

4. Right-click an image on the web - to this you will need the Chrome or Firefox extension. 

What is this good for you might ask, well, there is always the possibility that you downloaded a photo sometime back and forgot the name of the website you found it on. Maybe you are doing some research and all you have is a photo to go on with. Google comes to your rescue

You can also drag an image from your desktop to search. Simple drag the photo and drop it into the Google search bar. Google will then search and show you the original image, the website, related images and there is a whole world waiting to be discovered. 

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