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FarmVille Wildlife Habitat FAQ: Everything you need to know

As part of the official guides released by FarmVille comes the Wildlife Habitat FAQ. The post will cover everything you need to know like how many habitats can you have on your farm and which animals can be placed in it and how many animals can a single habitat hold.

Can I own more than one Wildlife Habitat?

Yes! You can have multiple completed Wildlife Habitats on your farm. However, you are limited to having one incomplete (i.e., un-built) Wildlife Habitat frame at-a-time per farm.

Which animals can be placed in the Wildlife Habitat?

All kinds of wildlife animals (except for babies, e.g. bear cubs) can be placed inside the Wildlife Habitat, including deer, frogs, porcupines, squirrels, reindeer, skunks, raccoons, opossums, and woodchucks.

To see the full list of animals that can be placed inside the Wildlife Habitat, click on a completed Habitat on your farm and select “Look Inside,” where the full list of qualified animals will be displayed. Animals that are qualified for the Habitat but haven’t been placed in the Habitat will be slightly transparent.

When you use an animal from your Gift Box or click on an animal on your farm to “move” it, the Wildlife Habitat will have a blue glow if that animal is qualified to be placed in the Habitat.

How many animals does the Wildlife Habitat hold?

Each Wildlife Habitat can hold up to 20 wildlife animals. Each additional Wildlife Habitat that you place on your farm can hold another 20 animals.

How long until the Wildlife Habitat is ready for harvest?

The harvest cycle of the Wildlife Habitat is 24 hours, which begins as soon as a single animal is placed in the Habitat. The timer resets once you harvest a ready-to-harvest Habitat.

Does harvesting the Wildlife Habitat count towards Animal Mastery?

Yes! The Wildlife Habitat provides an easy way to collect Animal Mastery from many wildlife animals at once with one click when the building is ready for harvest.

Do I need pairs of animals to be able to breed?

No! Once you place a particular wildlife animal in a Habitat, upon harvesting the Habitat you’ll have a chance of finding a Mystery Baby that will grow up into an animal just like the one you placed in the building.

In other words, the Habitat can help you create multiples of the animals that you already own. This is a great way to help you accelerate your way to Animal Mastery; the more of a particular type of animal you own, the more quickly you can accumulate Mastery points for that animal!

Interested in acquiring wildlife animals you don’t already have? Be sure to claim Mystery Babies from your friends in the Newsfeed! These Mystery Babies can turn into a variety of different wildlife animals, and aren’t governed by the same rules that determine what your own Mystery Babies will become.

How can I increase my chances of finding a Mystery Baby upon harvesting the Wildlife Habitat?

The more wildlife animals stored in the Habitat, the better your chances of finding a Mystery Baby when you harvest the Habitat!

Where can I get more wildlife animals to place in the Habitat?

Here are three ways to get your hands on more wildlife animals:

  1. When you harvest a Wildlife Habitat, you have a chance of finding a Mystery Baby that you can grow up into an adult wildlife animal!

  2. You can claim Mystery Babies shared by friends in the Newsfeed!

  3. You can purchase additional wildlife animals from the FarmVille Market. Click on a completed Wildlife Habitat on your farm select “Look Inside.” The animals available for you to purchase will be labeled with a “Market” button. Different sets of wildlife animals will be released in the Market over time.

How do Wildlife Mystery Babies grow up into wildlife animals?

Give Animal Feed to your Mystery Baby to grow it up into an adult wildlife animal! Click a Mystery Baby on your farm and select “Feed baby” to give it Animal Feed. The Mystery Baby’s progress to adulthood (e.g., “1/10 Animal Feed”) will be indicated in text when you hover your cursor on top of a Mystery Baby.

How can I get more Animal Feed to give to my Mystery Babies?

  • Your friends can send you Animal Feed. Ask them for help by clicking on a Mystery Baby on your farm and selecting “Ask for Feed”.

  • You can make Animal Feed in the Craftshop.

  • You can purchase Animal Feed in the Market.

Why are Mystery Babies different colors?

There are two kinds of Mystery Babies: and common Mystery Babies (with a green baby bundle) and rareMystery Babies (with a pink baby bundle). Common (green) Mystery Babies require 10 Animal Feed to grow up, and rare (pink) Mystery Babies require 30

The color of the baby bundle on a Mystery Baby hints at what the Mystery Baby will become when it grows up. You can see the possibilities for a particular Mystery Baby by first clicking on a completed Wildlife Habitat on your farm and selecting “Look Inside.” When you roll your cursor over an animal, the resulting tooltip will show you the type of Mystery baby (rare or common) that corresponds with that animal.

For animals that you don’t have, if the tooltip doesn’t show a Mystery Baby, then that Mystery Baby is not currently available to claim from your friends in the Newsfeed.

Mystery Babies: What is the difference between ones I find in my own Wildlife Habitat versus ones that I claim from friends in the Newsfeed?

Mystery Babies that you find when you harvest your own Wildlife Habitat will grow up to be just like one of the animals in your Wildlife Habitat at the time of harvest. (Note: To qualify to create a Mystery Baby, a wildlife animal must be in the Habitat from before 10% harvest progress until the Habitat is harvested.)

Mystery Babies that you claim from your friends via the Newsfeed can turn into a variety of different animals. To find out what wildlife animals you might get when you claim a Mystery Animal from the Newsfeed: Click on a completed Wildlife Habitat on your farm select “Look Inside.” When you roll your cursor over an animal and the resulting tooltip features golden rays surrounding the Mystery Baby icon, then that animal is something you could get from a Mystery Baby claimed from the Newsfeed!

Rare Mystery Babies claimed from the Newsfeed can grow up to become:

  1. Mystery Game “common” items (i.e., no uncommon or rare Mystery Game items are included)

  2. Animals that sell or have sold for less than 15 Farm Cash

Common Mystery Babies claimed from the feeds can grow up to become:

  1. Coin animals

  2. Quest rewards

  3. Animals from the Lonely Animal feature

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