Saturday, August 6, 2011

#goodluckharry is now a top trending topic on Twitter because Harry Styles is taking a driving test

So why is #goodluckharry trending at the no. 2 spot worldwide?. @Harry Styles  is taking a driving test today and fans of his are tweeting good luck harry. Many Twitter users are confusing this with Harry Potter but it is not so. This trend is about Harry Styles and people who like him are tweeting #goodluckharry and those who do not like him so much are saying things like "I hope he crashes'. This is what all the fuss is about right now on Twitter. He is a part of the One Direction also know as 1D. 1D is a group of 5 who applied as solo contestants, but failed to qualify for the Boys category. After a suggestion by guest judge Nicole Scherzinger, the five teens were put into a band called 1D. This from the UK show the X-Factor. The band have just announced the release of their new single 'What makes you beautiful'. Bundled together with the B-side, Na Na Na, the tracks are already ranked No 2 on the iTunes album chart based on pre-orders alone. You can pre-order the track now by visiting their site and the track will be available for download on 11th September and in stores on 12th September.

ID updates a fan site first tweeted about the driving test and to wish Harry. (Image Below)

Check the video out if you want a sneak peek

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