Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Groupalia: How does it work

Groupalia is a daily deals site that has been making a lot of headway in Southern European and Latin American countries. Groupalia is a daily deal site and works just the way any other daily deal site works. 

How to get started on Groupalia
1. Go to
2. Choose your country ( Available in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Columbia, Spain, Italy, mexico and Peru)
3. Sign-up with your email to get your daily alerts or become a buyer right there. You can also join via Facebook.
4. Deals have a timeline set - so if there are not enough deals you will see the message 'missing a buyer'. So once there is a minimum number of buyers the deal becomes active and you can avail the deal. Each deal is only available for 24 hours.

Once you have purchased your deal you can then print out your voucher and visit the merchant or use your electronic voucher on your phone to go and get your deal. 

Groupalia says that they negotiate with merchants on the behalf of customers and bring up to 70% discounts to the site. Calling is the strength of the group, Groupalia says the groups have power and can bring happiness. Collective search power is spreading across the Globe with daily deals site operating now in almost every country. 

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