Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to know how others see my Facebook profile

This seems to be one of the basic questions that concern a number of users. After going through and adjusting all your privacy settings you would now like to know how others view your profile. What do they see when they click on your profile.

How to know what other people see when they click on your Facebook profile
1. login to Facebook
2. Click on account settings

3. Beside username is your Facebook URL or address.

 (If you have a vanity URL which is basically your name followed after or any other name you have. Clicking on edit will allow you to change your name only once) 

You will now need to copy the same paste it in a browser and check. This is how your profile will appear to other people when they check it out. You can also use a search engine like Google and search for yourself. Clicking no your profile will let you know how your public profile appears to people when they click on it.

Please ensure that you have logged out of Facebook to be able to view how your profile appears when your friends, colleagues, family view your profile.

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