Thursday, August 11, 2011

Klout: lets you know your clout across your favorite social networks

So what is Klout and how does it work.

Klout is a San Francisco based company that provides you with social media analytics. Once you singup using your social media Id from across your social media profiles your standing will be analyzed to see where you stand among your friends and the sites in general. Klout now measures your influence across Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, Flickr, Instagram,, Linkedin, Foursquare, YouTube and Tumblr (Google+ to be added soon). The social media analysis is based on a scoring system from 1 - 100. Higher the score means wider the range of your influence. and true reach being determined by how people react to what your share and the response you receive. True influence will be how interactive and engaging you are with your audience and vice versa. Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter to measure True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

So if you want to measure your Twitter influence Klout will check the number of followers you have, how many of your messages are Retweeted and comments you receive. Head over now to measure your social media effectiveness and influence.

Klout also has a +K button that users can use to give other users a +K on topics. There are a lot of brands heading over to offer perks to uses who have high klout scores.  

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