Thursday, August 11, 2011

Leisure Dive - Seeks to be the new planking

Well after the internet fad there have been a whole lot of out similar movements to become the next internet meme. We have seen Owling, Batting and Horsemaning - which the newest of the lot. Leisure Diving has also been proposed as the new planking on the internet. To be fair though it is not like planking and deserves it's own fame and name. 

How to leisure dive: To get a successful photo of yourself leisure diving you would need to jump into a body of water striking a 'leisure pose' in mid-air. The photographer would need to capture the image when your hips are parallel to the water to get a good leisure dive.

The folks over at can give you some more guidance if you need to. 

What to do with your leisure dive pic. Well you can submit it to the guys at 0r submit to their Facebook page. You can also share with all your FB, Twiter and other social networking friends. This is post that can go into your family album and shared among all your social connection. Striking a pose in mid-air above a body of water. 

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