Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Google's 13 Birthday Doodle

Google turns 13 and they have a Google Doodle to help celebrate and announce their turning 13. The doodle itself is very quiet and nondescript. Not something loud with animation as we have seen recently from the other doodles released by Google. This one simply announces the 13th Birthday and a cake with 13 candles surrounded in the background with the letters that make up the name Google. All this within a picture frame of sorts. Google must be celebrating their birthday with a little bit of celebrations since their fledgling social networking site Google+ is not even a year old. The guys at the Googleplex will need a wait for quiet some time more to see whether their social network with really take off with the masses. There has been phenomenal growth till now but the masses need to move in and that has not yet happened. So happy birthday guys!!!

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