Monday, September 19, 2011

Google Wallet how it works

So what is Google Wallet and how does it work.

Google Wallet is an electronic payment system based out of your smartphone. With Google wallet you can convert all your plastic credit cards into virtual ones, with which to make payments. Google Wallet wants you to do away with your physical wallet and when it comes time to make a payment all you need is your smartphone. 

When Google Wallet launches it will support two types of cards, Citi MasterCard and Google Prepaid card. To setup a Citi MasterCard all you need to do is to open Google Wallet and enter your information after Citi verifies it you're free to use the card. If you already have a card and you want to confirm that it works with Google Wallet you can click here. A Google Prepaid card is not really a card but a virtual card that gets stored on your phone. This card can be funded by any of your other credit cards. Also after you activate the Google Prepaid card you get $10 in your account and this is on Google. Will last till the end of 2011 at least. Google Wallet can also store your gift cards from all participating merchants.

Google Wallet is first going to be available only in the US before launching in other countries.

Where to pay - You would need to look for the symbols found below to see if Google Wallet can be used for your current purchase.

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