Saturday, September 17, 2011

Monstermind new Facebook game

Monstermind is a new Facebook game that is now in open beta on Facebook. The game officially makes it debut on 22 September. The game is a fantastic fast-paced real-time game involving themes that gamers love.  Monsters, sci-fi, explosive weapons and b-movie scenarios all combined to give the game a feel that few Facebook gamers can resist. The Game has been developed by Bossa Studios and is led by a team of die-hard gaming veterans from the worlds of gaming and entertainment. The game also has fantastic imagery and real looking monsters. The game goes like this, you would need to join and build a city you also get a monster you can unleash on your friends cities and lay them to waste. You would also need to defend your city from other monsters. So you get to pound your friends cities till they begin to run away in pain and agony. The game brings with it a diabolical feel which any gamer is sure to enjoy, it is set in the 1950's in case your wondering about its time in history. So join now to crush the dreams of your friends and beware of Dr Doomsday!!

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