Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Facebook Friend Lists: How does it work

Facebook have announced the rolling out of a new set of features know as Friend Lists. 

What are Facebook Friend Lists and how do they work.

When Facebook automatically creates a list for you there will be three improvements that will be used

Smart Lists: Will help you stop going through the tedious process of creating list and automatically create lists for you. This will cut down on the time consuming process on who to share what to. Smart Lists will be offered in the following four categories initially. Work, School, Family and City. So people among your friends lists who fall into the following categories will be automatically grouped together.

Close Friends and Acquaintances Lists: This can be further broken down into two separate lists Close Friends and Acquaintances list. So when you click on your close friends list. Only posts from these people will appear on your news feed. This way if you want to only keep track of those people you can filter out all the rest. The same goes for the Acquaintances list.

Restricted Lists: Put your boss and other people you do not want to share with in this list.

Better Suggestions: Expect Facebook to give you better suggestions as to who goes where. Once you accept a friend request on FB you can now add them to a list directly from there. 

Facebook lists FAQ

Will people be able to see the name of the list I have put them in: No, the name of your lists are not shown publicly. However people on your lists can see the others that are included. 

Will I still be able to use my old lists: Yes

Can I create my own separate lists: Yes

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