Tuesday, September 20, 2011

That guy who owns @Qwikster on Twitter

NetFlix might have decided to rename their DVD rental service Qwikster but there is a problem. Netflix owns the web domain rights for Qwikster but the company failed to get all the related rights. There is no use if you are a large company and you don't have an original Twitter handle. The Twitter handle is owned by Jason Castillo and he is really gaining followers. A few hours ago when we checked he had about 6000 followers. It has not crossed 9000. Now that is a lot of traction and Jason has suddenly started using the account after discovering his fortune. You might be wondering what Jason Castillo is talking about, you guessed it how much he is going to be selling his Twitter Handel for. He is getting a lot of attention people offering his images to be used as his profile pic. The fun part of the whole thing is that he is not a domain squatter but already had this Twitter Handel before the NetFlix fiasco. 

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