Wednesday, September 21, 2011

UK English Trending on Twitter

UK English is still a TT on the worldwide trending topics. The reason is because people are saying if you change your Facebook language settings from US English to UK English you get the old Facebook back. By Old Facebook what is meant is the normal old news feed that people are used to. The latest update to the news feed on Facebook is that fb have divided the news feed into two sections Top Stories and Recent Stories. This has not gone down well with many users. These updates from Facebook are aimed at bringing the social networking site back to relevance and also prevent many uses from leaving. All this has started after the launch of the social site from Google - Google+. Google Plus is now out of its field trial and anyone can join. In fact when you visit Google there is arrow pointing straight to the + button on top inviting users to join. 

How to get back your old news feed on Facebook

You Can't but if you still want to try here is what you need to do. Account Settings > Change Language > English UK.

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