Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Animals Planking [Pics]

This is a fun post which collects pics of Animals planking. Well it's obvious that they are not really planking in their world but in our world their actions seem to look like the latest internet meme know as planking. Plankign has been all the rage and has had many offshoots like Horsemaning and batmaning. All trying to be the new planking but no other internet meme in 2011 has succeeded as much as planking. It truly caught the imagination of people, from kids to celebrities everyone has heard of it and seen or knows someone who has tried it. Planking is fun when done safely, it is put to shame when done by irresponsible people. So keep yourself and others safe if you ever want to plank. In the mean time here's some animal planking funnies.

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