Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Occupy any website with occupytheurl.com

Occupy has definitely become a Meme and each person is using it in their own ways to convey their message. The central them running through the occupy meme is to go someplace and protest by occupying it. The occupy meme is closely linked to Occupy Wall Street but it has meaning that can cross over boundaries and meanings. There has been religious memes on the net saying Jesus was the first occupy wall street protester in history.

Now with Occupy The URL you can occupy any website you want on the internet. A silent way of showing your support to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Plus it is also a fun thing to do. You can try it out now and see how you it occupies a website and says finally 'we are the 99%'.

Nothing happens to the website you are occupying and it is just a collage of pics that mashup on the site to create an occupation. It is just a harmless bit of fun and can potentially become a huge internet meme. 

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