Sunday, October 9, 2011

Instagram: How does it work

Instragram is a free photo sharing App for the iPhone. The service lets you take photo with your phone and you can then use filters available get the right tone for your photo and then share it. The service is currently comparable with Flickr, Facebook and Twitter on a photo-by-photo sharing basis. The idea is to capture a photo transform it using one of the 11 filters available and share it to create a memory that lasts. You can also become popular among the Instagram community if your photos are good, a lot of people will begin to follow you and add to your fame as a photographer. You can also share photos from your camera roll. You can share from your phone or choose from your library.

How to become popular on Instagram

Currently there is no set formula to become the most popular on the service. The one way however is to share with a lot of friends and hopefully you get a lot of 'Like' for your photos. The more you have the more your start to grown on the popularity chart. You also need to clearly state who you are, have a nice profile pic and have a sense of humor when you share. Also once you get a lot of followers make sure you interact with your community. Remember to use location as that seems to be really key when people are browsing for photos on Instagram.

How to use Instagram

You will first need to download the App

Launch the App by tapping on it's icon from your home screen


You can now import your Facebook or Twitter contacts, you can also find suggested users to follow.

You can also browse through the Popular Users tab to find nice photos that are recommended by a large number of users.

Clicking the 'Share' tab will allow you to snap a photo from your phone or choose one for your collection to share.

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