Friday, October 21, 2011

OurPad: Allows multiple users on the same iPad

OurPad is an iPad app that lets you and other household members use the same iPad and yet login to multiple social site accounts. So if you stay in a place where there is only one iPad available but a number of people use it especial true in a family or among roommates. All of you can use the iPad to access Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo, and MSN/Hotmail. The problem with a shared iPad is that each time someone uses it, they would need to login to all their social accounts like Facebook and Twitter and when they finish. The tedious process of logging out once again before the next person goes through the same process. with Our Pad all that is taken care of. Each person can create their own special key or secret lock pattern. You sign-in with your lock pattern and sign out with the same. All in simple easy steps. Once you sign in all your login information is remembered and so no signing in all over again. Once you log out of Our Pad all you stuff is removed and the iPad is ready to be used by the next person. 

OurPad will also protect your accounts with the lock pattern you choose to use. Passwords and accounts are stored securely on the device and so once you access OurPad it will automatically sing you in to your favorite services. Sign out by simply pressing the home button or your name. 

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