Thursday, October 20, 2011

Twitter: What is hourly usage limit

Sorry! you've hit your hourly usage limit - this is something that most Twitter users have seen. You login and barely start using the service when this hourly usage thing pops up and then you need to wait. Ever since Twitter started suing their own APIs which is a set or rules or code that websites follow. The service introduced the hourly usage limit feature. Sometimes when it you get the message about the hourly usage limit you might need to just wait a few minutes before things are normal. Some people have reported having to wait for an hour. Not too sure about that since it has never happened to me. I have seen the wait for an hour message but I just refreshed my page and things were normal. Seemed more like a Twitter bug to me. 

What are Twitter limits

Twitter released an official overview of all the Twitter limits that need to be adhered to. These limites include sending only 250 DMs or direct messages per day. Only 1,000 updates a day, 2,000 follow limit. This limit determines  other follow attempts once an account has reached the 2,000 follow limit. These are some of the examples of Twitter limits. You can read more here

The hourly usage limit falls into this category and generally might be seen as a Twitter bug. When you get this message it does not mean you need to wait for an hour. Especially for those who have not really been working and doing much on Twitter. 

If however you are using a third-party App that is really draining Twitter's resources then you will need to wait for an hour. This is done to restrict other Apps from constantly pinging Twitter every second. This rate limit is set for accessing Twitter.com homepage.

When usage hits the limit Twitter will display this message "Sorry! You've hit your hourly usage limit! Try again soon"

Hope this helps please use the comments section below to continue the discussion. 

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  1. Wow, thanx.
    Me too was waiting each day 2-3 times an hour... well, really more.