Thursday, November 10, 2011

Arrived: How does it work

Arrived is the new App that lets your friends know you've arrived. There is no need to check-in using this location based App. All you need to do is to show up at your favorite place and it automatically lets you friends know you have arrived. The concept behind the App goes something like this. Once you download and install the App you can then add a list of places you are most likely to visit. Then add a list of friends who you know would like to know you are there. Once you arrive at the place you are automatically checked-in and your friends know you've arrived. They can then come over and meet you. when choosing places you are most likely to visit you can also add a list of friends who would like to know you have arrived at the spot. Therefore each spot or place can have a different list of friends

The interesting thing about this App is that it is going to find good use among close circles of friends. So let's say you and your pals meet up everyday after college at your favorite hangout. With this App your close pals will know when each one arrives and all of you can then land-up. 

This is what Arrived  says you need to do first when you signup.

First, enter a favorite hangout, city, area, or address you frequent or may visit

Next, add the specific friends who would be interested in knowing when you're there

Last, press connect to let them know that they'll be notified whenever you arrive.

You can download the App for the iPhone here or you can use it as a web app

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