Saturday, November 5, 2011

Crazeal: How does it work

Daily deal of the day site Groupon is known as Crazeal.com in India. When they first wanted to expolore and establish their presence in international markets Groupon bought the site Sosasta.com in India. Since establishing themselves as one of the leading daily deals sites in India they have decided to change their Indian name and the company in India is now known as Crazeal.

The principals are the same but with a  few monir changes. Groupon in the US has a certain threshold limit before a deal becomes active. In India that does not seem to be the way to go. Once a deal is announced it is live and ready to go.

How does Crazeal work

merchants across India have a tie-up with Crazeal and offer services a huge discounts. The discount is possible because of something known as group-buying. These huge discounts and coupons can be offered becasue of sheer volume. Once a deal is announced on the site you will receive a message on your phone or in your email. Depends on your preference when you signed up. You can then claim that deal and through an online payment method pay for it. You will then receive your voucher on your mail id or phone. These vouches can be used once you reach the merchants place and you can claim your deal.

Popular deals right now are in Spas, restaurants, holiday destinations and general merchandise. 

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