Friday, November 11, 2011

Discover LinkedIn Groups with the new statistics dashboard

LinkedIn have announced via a block post that all groups will now have group statistics. With group statistics you can now see what the group is all about, how active it is, demographics and does it contain the right professional group that will help you the most. With the new statistics dashboard you will be able to easily figure out if the group is meant for you or now. 

How to find the groups statistics before joining one on Linkedin

If you go directly to the Groups Directory on LinkedIn you will find the same old page and the new statistics dashboard is not located there. You will need to click on the group, open it and find the statistics located in the right-hand-side tool bar. There will be an image which looks like the one below which will need to be clicked before you can see the statistics. If you visit your groups on LinkedIn you will be able to see the statistics by clicking on the Bar Graph below the name of any group.

Once you click on it you get to see a summary and you can further break it down into demographics, growth and activities. This should give you a fair idea on how the group has grown, where most of it's members are located and how active the group is. Please check out the video below to see how these statistics are further broken down.

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