Saturday, November 5, 2011

Google has the intelligence to decide whether your searching for fresh or historical data

Google have announced via their blog post that their search engine has gone through another change. When you now input a query into Google, the search engine can decide whether you are looking for fresh results or something older. This change is going to effect 35% of all search results. Meaning two things you will get better results and some blog and site owners might see a little less traffic coming their way. Google has always been known to be innovative and fresh and this is further proof of their constant ability to keep things fresh and spruced up.

The way Google explains this is that if you type Olympics you are probably searching for the 2012 Olympics and therefore without you specifying it, the search engine will determine it and show you up-to-date results for Olympics.

Another significant improvement is that ability for the search engine to show you updated information on events that occur regularly. Like 'Dancing With The Stars'. When you search you expect fresh information and without specifying it the search engine will deliver these results.

There are incidences where historically old data might have more significance to you like when your searching for 'tomato sauce recipe'. In this case you might want something older, maybe a post with a lot of comments attached to it. Proving that, that recipe is one of the best available online. 

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