Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hotspot Shield VPN secures your iPhone's or iPad's internet connection

VPN stands for virtual private network and this is what you need to make sure your internet connection does not get compromised on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. Creating one can be difficult and that's why there are third-party apps that would do just that for you. Hotspot Shield VPN from AnchorFree is one such App that once downloaded on your i OS device will let you browse the net securely. 

This is especially true when you are using public Wi-Fi accounts, your Facebook or Twitter accounts could get compromised. The App however will ensure that all your data is encrypted and passed on securely. You can download and use the App for free but there are in-app purchases which will cost you about $1/month. You can however download and use the App free for seven days before you shell out any money.

So give it a try especially if you use Wi-Fi hotspots a lot and you access your iOS device when travelling. 

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