Tuesday, November 1, 2011

How MapQuest Vibe Works

MapQuest Vibe also known as MQVibe is the latest offering from the veteran of maps - MapQuest. With its 40 million unique users each month MapQuest has leveraged all that experience and feedback to create mQvibe. With mqvibe you will be able to catch on, on the local scene by exploring. You can enter your destination and find out what's happening around you local area. Especially check out the local scene and find restaurants based on the ranking system. This entire ranking system is known as the Vibe Score and with it you can find out a lot of info in regards to a locality. You can find top restaurants, best places to shop, local hotspots, best places to hangout. Once you start you search and let's say you want to go out. You can first find out to=he best localities to go out to and then narrow down your search ti find the best places to go to in tat locality. You can also check out the edginess and burbiness factors of the places. 

Login to MQVibe and enter your locality, you can then start narrowing down your search. Let's say you want to eat Pizza you can then find out which localities have the best Pizza joints and then which is the best pizza joint to go out and eat. it is simple and easy to use and you will get the hang of it once you play around with it for a few minutes. 

There is also the voting factor where uses can vote up or down a place. There is also the social sharing scene where you can share with friends on your favorite social network. 

MapQuest Vibe can be reached via mqVibe.com or by clicking the “neighborhoods” button on MapQuest.com

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