Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LikeBids: Win a free coupon through Facebook Like button

LikeBids is a web app that seeks to bring coupons to social sharing. Modeled along the lines of Groupon, this is not for phones but meant for Facebook. Once you like a Deal you can click on the deal and then click on the associated Facebook 'Like' button. Once you click on the Like button the deal then gets posted to your Facebook wall and News Feed. When you friends see the deal they can also claim the deal by clicking on the like button. Once a threshold number is reached on the deal. The coupon is delivered to everyone. If you are the person who has gotten the most number of likes to the deal. You can win it fro free. This might be one of the top motivating factors to spread the deal. remember you will need to share you likebid after you get your unique auction auction like. This is to enable the likes that come through your referral to be tracked.

The site is fairly new and there are just a few deals on right now. The idea however seems interesting enough and given the way people use Facebook, it will most likely catch fire. There needs to be lots of more interesting deals on to get people's pulses racing, to grab the top prize. The coupon for free. 

Likebids - Social Media Auction.

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