Monday, November 28, 2011

How to disable or turn off Retweets from a particular user on Twitter

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This post will be a guide on how to turn off or disable retweets from a particular user or follower of yours on Twitter. You might be wondering why you would want to do this. You know how it is when you follow some users and all they ever do is retweet other people's Tweets. This can get quiet monotonous and irritating and you know original Tweets are not going to come from that account and the only thing you will see are Retweets. Fortunately Twitter has the option that allows you to go to that particular account and turn of all Retweets from them. This way your Timeline on Twitter will be free from Retweets from them.

How to disable Retweets on Twitter
1. Login to Twitter
2. Click on the full profile of the person whose Retweets you want to block.
3. You will find a green Retweet icon below their profile picture
4. If you click on it once it turns to grey. ONce it turns to Grey you will no more see Retweets from this person. If you change you mind again and decide that you would like to see this person's Retweet activity. Go back to their full profile and change the button back to green by clicking on it.
5. You're Done

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