Thursday, November 17, 2011

How to edit your Google+ business page

Google+ have opened up the use of business and brand pages. Which has come as boon for many small businesses who would like to put this new source of social media traffic to good use. Setting up your Google+ page is easy and fun to do and can be accomplished in three easy steps. We have already written about setting up a Google+ business page which can be found here

Once you setup and create your Google+ page you will then need to edit it and start adding stuff. Works like any other business page and you can start reposting stuff from your Website and blog.

how to edit your Google+ page
1. Login to Google+
2. Beside your photo and name you will find a drop-down menu with the number of pages you have created.
3. Use the drop-down to select the page you would like to update

Note: When in page editing mode you are now not your profile but using Google+ as a page. So once you finish editing and updating your page. You will need to follow the above mentioned process and choose your Google+ profile to exist page mode. 

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