Thursday, November 17, 2011

Using your new Google+ page: This is what you need to know

This post is just a word of caution to Google+ users. The reasons for this is to help you avoid silly mistakes that could happen especially if you are operating and running the Google+ business page for your company. The mistake that plagued many Twitter and Facebook uses is this. Accidentally posting personal stuff to your official account, many a person in charge of their companies Twitter account have accidentally posted personal stuff, and potentially harmful and embarrassing stuff on an official account they were managing. 

How does this relate to Google+ pages. This is what you need to know. When you login to your account and start to use your Google+ account as a page. You are no more your personal account but using the service as a page. let's illustrate this further. Drawing an example from Facebook. Now if you login to Facebook and access your Facebook page. Whatever you post to that page you are posting as an admin. What ever updates you do will pertain only to that page. Once you leave that page you are out of it and back to your FB profile. Not so with Google+ pages.

Once you enter the Google+ page mode you are now using the service as the page admin. So once you updated your page, you then need to once more go back to your profile and choose your profile name ot exit the page mode. While in the page editing mode if you start posting to your circles, remember that all posts will point back to your page and not your personal account. This is just a word of caution, especially if you are new to using Google+ pages and just starting of. 

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