Thursday, November 17, 2011

Snoop Dogg overtakes Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on Google+

Snoop Dogg has overtaken Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder and CEO to become the third most followed person on Google+. Of course in Google+ parlance it would be the third most popular person circled in Google+. With this Snoop has only two more people to overtake to become the most circled person on Google+. The two people above him are Britney Spears and Google' chief Larry Page.

Snoop Dogg broke the news on his G+ account with the words. ay +Mark Zuckerberg told ya i was comn for ya spot!. Snoop also posted a image of the same showing his growing popularity on Google+. His team is very active on the service with constant updates for all his fans. In fact Snoopy's team is quiet cool and quick to embrace new media out there. They also have a Hotbox room on Chill. We have already covered Chill and you can read about it here.  

It has been noted by many writers that it was celebrities and starts that make social networks like Twitter popular. That might be true to a certain extent. It however works the other way around too. Social Networks have really brought muscisians closer to their fans and here on Google+ is ample proof of the same. Go Dogg!!! 

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