Friday, November 18, 2011

How to make a Facebook-to-Facebook video call from within Skype

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Skype and its partnership with Facebook has just gotten a little bit more social. You can use Skype to chat with all your Facebook pals. It is very simple to set-up and enable and once done you can chat with your Facebook buddies from within Skype. The move strengthens the bonds between Skype and Facebook and takes social networking to a whole new level. 

How too use, enable or start a Facebook-to-Facebook video call.
1. Login to Skype
2. Click on the Facebook button within Skype and sync you Facebook and Skype accounts together
3. Once done you Facebook contacts appear alongside your Skype contacts
4. Click on your Facebook contact to start a video chat.

So go ahead and use this to have loads of fun with all your Facebook buddies.

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