Saturday, November 26, 2011

How to set indiviual Sound Volume for programs in Windows 7

This is just a quick tip and most users would be familiar with this option available in Windows 7. However this post serves as a quick reminder as to how to set individual volumes when using Windows. If you're wondering what his could be good for -- especially good when you want to listen to music as well as chat on Skype. Why is this helpful? -- you don't have to completely mute out the sound of any one program but you can still run all your music etc, at the same time. Continue chatting with your friends and listen to your favorite music, and play PC games. Makes Windows a little more fun to play with. 

How to set individual volumes on your favorite Windows 7 programs
1. Click on the speaker icon on the lower left hand corner on your screen
2. Click on the mixer link
3. All the different control volumes pop-up
4. Personalize and set the volume according to your comfort. 

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