Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to get your old Yahoo Mail back

Yahoo Mail users who have remained faithful and have not switched over to other mail services might be interested in this option. Yahoo Mail released the new version over a year ago and it is now out of Beta. Users have not been given the option to revert or to use Yahoo Mail Classic. There is however a simple trick to get your old Yahoo Mail back and use the classic version.

How to revert to Yahoo Mail Classic
1. Login to yahoo mail
2. Set your screen resolution to 800x600
3. This will cause the new Yahoo mail to not display correctly
4. You will receive a message 'Return to previous version' Click on it
5. You're done

You can now reset your screen resolution to it's previous settings and carry on with things as normal. All will work find.

Source: Techdows via: Lifehacker

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