Sunday, November 27, 2011

How to change your Twitter Username (Handle)

This is very important for businesses, if you are already a Twitter user and you now want to re-brand yourself or your organization. You will need to change your twitter username. When this is done you will need to let all your followers know with a Tweet that you have changed your Twitter username or handle as some users like to call it. 

Something to consider before changing your Twitter Handle. Twitter will let you change your handle very easily and you can do so in 2 easy steps. The only problem is that even though Twitter will update your info immediately  search engines will not. So people who are searching for you via search engines will be directed to a 404 page - page not found. This is something you might want to consider before making the move. if you are not worried about it you can go ahead and change your Twitter handle. If you are concerned then you would like to do this. Change your Twitter handle and then immediately login again and reserve your old username. You can use the same Email ID to create another Twitter account. So use your old handle to tell people who find you through search engines that this account has moved and leave your new Twitter ID for them to find. If you find someone else is already using your desired Twitter handle, this is what you need to do.  

How to change your Twitter Handle or Username

1. Login to Twitter

2. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your username

3. Click on settings

4. Beside Username fil in your new username or Twitter Handle

5. You're done

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