Monday, November 14, 2011

The Top Three companies young people in America want to work for

Employment data and consulting firm Universum conducted a survey asking 6,700 people where they would like to work. The WSJ has the results. The companies that came out on top are not a surprise at all and as you might have guesses which companies they are. 

1. Google
2. Apple
3. Facebook

Google is still the company that most people would like to work for. The culture of 20% time for your own projects is something that anyone who wants to do something in life would crave for. Plus there is also the additional perk of a cool office culture and employee compensations. 

Meanwhile large financial institutions did not fare well and there is an element of distrust when it comes to these companies. Something else that came out of the survey was that job stability was most important and uppermost on most people's minds. Seems that most people have held on to their jobs because of the tough economy. Given the scarcity of jobs people are staying longer at their jobs than they would have previously have done, given the condition of the economy. This year IT and Tech companies have top the list as the most desired places to work

Source: Business Insider
See complete results on WSJ.

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